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 San Diego Car Audio Installation 

 San Diego Custom Car Audio

Audio Quality Above All

Custom car audio is a specialized service that allows car enthusiasts to elevate their driving experience with high-quality sound systems. At Audiolux, our customers can expect expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology when it comes to audio installations. With a wide range of options, including speaker upgrades, amplifier installations, and subwoofer setups, Audio-Lux ensures that every audio installation is tailored to meet the unique preferences and specifications of each client.

Audiolux stands out from the rest by not only utilizing top-of-the-line audio equipment and employing skilled technicians but also by offering the ability to design and create nearly anything that customers desire. This unique capability sets them apart from the competition. With a team of talented fabricators, Audio-Lux can turn any simple or complex idea into reality. Their commitment to accepting challenges and bringing customers' visions to fruition is unmatched. Whether it's achieving powerful bass, creating a balanced soundstage, or customizing a unique audio setup, Audio-Lux's attention to detail and dedication to excellence result in breathtaking custom car audio installations. With their expertise and creative capabilities, they can transform any vehicle into a rolling concert hall, providing an immersive and crystal-clear audio experience on the road.

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Audiolux OFC cables audio shop
Audio Lux High-end Autio Cables

All of our cables are true "OFC" known as oxygen-free copper. Cheaper wires are known as "CCA" which are copper-clad aluminum. Pure copper wire has far superior power transfer, sound quality, and quality construction for seamless installs.

The Tune

We have ears and equipment built for just this task and know exactly how to calibrate each and every single piece of car audio equipment in your vehicle to make everything sound perfectly in sync with each other. That guarantees the optimum quality and result for the final setup. We excel in tuning all systems with an RTA  and oscilloscope to ensure a foundation set to spec. DSP processors are our bread and butter!

Audo Tuning
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Whatever music you like - badly sounding favorite compositions are equally irritable for everyone. You’ve spent hours on composing your track-list, but in your car you hear nothing but the sound of tires rubbing pavement and working engine. Protection of the internal interior of a car from external noises is a new level of comfort and quality of the audio system. Standartplast creates and improves the materials which help to reduce the levels of noise and vibration in vehicles of different classes and price segments.

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Music fans who attend live concerts know well the emotions that low undistorted frequencies without dynamic compression can arouse. For this reason, the HertzAudioVideo R&D created ML 2000.3 Legend car audio subwoofer.




Hertz audio speakers are dedicated to purists, aiming at achieving maximum timbre consistency combined with very high dynamics and extremely extended frequency response.




Hertz amplifiers are born to fully enhance the outstanding performance of the Hertz speakers. The new technology ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency.


APK 165P


Hertz processors arecapable of interfacing with any analogand/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system.


AF C8.14 bit


AF C8.14 bit boasts eight high-fidelity amplified channels 65W x 8 @4Ω*, 100W x 8 @2Ω*, with the audiophile sound of the latest generation Audison D-Class technology. Higher switching frequencies









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