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 San Diego Car Alarms 

Audiolux is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle.


Connect Your Car!
Start, control, or locate your car from your smartphone.


Both features combined in one Viper system to offer the ultimate in car security and convenience.


Start your car from your remote. Warm up your car in the Winter, and cool it off in the Summer.


Over 1 million vehicles will be stolen this year. Don't be a statistic. Factory security is just not enough


Add the convenience of keyless entry to virtually any vehicle - even vehicles without power door locks!


Many options are available for your Viper system to unleash it's full capabilities.

Auto theft continues to increase every year, and with every year that goes by a new all-time high is set. An interesting fact is that many victims of vehicle theft are under the impression that simply because they have factory keyless entry, they have a Car Alarm. Unfortunately for them, and the thieves know it, that simply isn’t the case. Basic keyless entry systems will only honk the horn when a door is opened, but do not have any other features designed to prevent a vehicle from being stolen or broken into. What you need in today’s world is a San Diego car alarms and security system.

San Diego car alarms

You can take your car salesman’s’ word for it (hello?) or you can conduct a few small tests to determine if you really have an alarm on your vehicle. Lock your car with your keyless entry and then tap on the windows. Does your siren sound? If not, you likely don’t have an alarm. Or you can lock your car and move your vehicle up and down simulating the effect of a tire jack on your car. Again, does the siren go off? If not, you know the answer.

Protect Your Ride With Benefits

San Diego car alarms are extremely effective in deterring theft. Our Viper or Clifford alarm systems can give you features such as GPS tracking, remote starting engine from outside the vehicle with key or phone APP, 2-way notification, keyless entry(if you don't have it already), and many more. Honestly, this is much more than just an alarm!


Audiolux - San Diego Car | Boat Stereo Wraps & Customization provides some of the best Dash Cams with crystal clear video recording up to 4k resolution. We have dual systems available allowing you to record front and rear. The benefits are tremendous! Dash cams can shed light of what really happened during car accidents and protect yourself from falsely accused at being fault. This is also a great way to monitor who is in or around the vehicle at all times and can now even being accessed live through your phone now!

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