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 San Diego Car Window Tinting

If you think window tint is just for TV mobsters and teenagers, think again. The mysterious and sleek look of window tint might turn quite a few heads, but what you might not know is that there are also many practical benefits with San Diego car window tinting:

• Heat/Light/Fade Protection
• Glare Reduction
• Increased Anti-Theft Protection
• Improved Safety, Privacy, Scratch Resistance, and More!

We use Suntek film do not be fooled by inferior brands this is one of the best on the market and we provide a true lifetime warranty (no bubbling or fading ever). You may chose any shade you would like; the films come in several types of series such as ceramic, carbon, CXP, and many more. 

San Diego car window tinting

And Remember, Go To A Pro​

Adding window tint to your car is one of the most affordable ways to protect the interior of your car. The fact that it also makes your car look awesome is just a perk! Don’t take any chances on shoddy installation though — it’s important to go to a San Diego car window tinting professional (like us!) to make sure you get the most precise results and the latest info about state and local window tint laws.

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