San Diego Car Audio Installation 

Not all car audio systems are created equal. What is the difference between good car audio and great car audio? Let us show you with our San Diego Car audio installation services.

There is something we are very proud of and it's also what sets us apart from others in this industry. We have a passion for car audio and can orchestrate a beautiful system for the customers needs based on their described preference and vehicle type.

That's it...??

Yes yes, we know that doesn't sound special right?! Well, the special part is that when we set up the parts and install for you, we use the best equipment from our amazing brands to give you the best output without breaking the bank! Our knowledge and experience of having already heard and tested all of the best equipment in person will make your dream system achievable. So yes, we think it's special that we want to give you the best system built from your needs as efficiently as possible instead of just trying to sell you the most expensive components. . We also make every effort to educate our customers on the accessories that matter and make a difference to their total listening experience. This knowledge or mentality isn’t available anywhere, luckily it's available here at Audiolux where you can find the best San Diego car audio installation experts. 

The Installation

We could sell you the best stuff money can buy and it will not come even close to sounding like what it could if it isn’t installed properly. We don’t cut corners. Every vehicle we touch has the best workmanship and attention to detail available. 


All of our cables are true "OFC" known as oxygen-free copper. Cheaper wires are known as "CCA" which are copper-clad aluminum. Pure copper wire has far superior power transfer, sound quality, and quality construction for seamless installs.

High Quality Connectors

The Tune

We have ears and equipment built for just this task and know exactly how to calibrate each and every single piece of car audio equipment in your vehicle to make everything sound perfectly in sync with each other. That guarantees the optimum quality and result for the final setup. We excel in tuning all systems with an RTA  and oscilloscope to ensure a foundation set to spec. DSP processors are our bread and butter!

Audo Tuning