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 San Diego Auto Collision Avoidance Systems 

Reverse Cameras &  Parking Sensors

Almost every new car has a backup camera and the convenience and awareness these camera systems give are very beneficial! At Audiolux - San Diego Car | Boat Stereo Wraps & Customization we can add a backup camera to virtually any vehicle you have no matter how old or complicated. Also, front and side camera systems are offered.  We have a wide selection of San Diego auto collision avoidance systems.

San Diego auto collision avoidance systems rav403_1.jpg

Turn into a parking and reversing master with front and rear parking sensors. As you are backing up or parking you will receive an audible beeping that intensifies as you get closer. Audiolux - San Diego Car | Boat Stereo Wraps & Customization can install this sensor system on most cars and trucks! 


Blind Spot Detection System

We offer state of the art blind spot detection systems. Make lane with peace of mind and with confidence. Check out the video above and see if this San Diego auto collision avoidance system is right for you!


Radar Detectection

The best way to avoid a costly fine and an insurance hike is to know exactly when radars and lasers are being used around you. Once you decide that investing in this product is right for you, you have to decide whether a portable unit or a custom installed unit is the right fit.

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