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  • The most popular sound and Vibro deadening material in the world. Over 25 years in the soundproofing automotive industry. 
  • Use the best automotive sound deadener for your car and install on your own. Very easy to use Standartplast products. Perfect for DIY, comes with strong adhesive paper. For door and trunk treatment.
  • Reduce noise easily with 49 sqft 80 mils professional sound deadener. No heat gun is required. It is not required to use additional tools to set Standartplast materials to your car.
  • Standartplast products are used for carmakers and automotive factories. For the best price, you get the quality of sound deadeners for General Motors, Ford, VW Group, Nissan, etc.
  • Our products are used by winners in car-audio competitions, such as dB Drag, IASCA, EMMA, etc. Truck, Muscle, Restoration, and Sport cars owners choose Standartplast sound insulation materials all over the world!
  • The Material is designed to be used at temperatures from -45 to 100C; The material can survive short-time action of temperature to 190C.
  • A multi-layer structure of the product consists of aluminum foil embossed and printing, and sticky polymer later protected by anti-adhesive paper.


  • Package contains: 4,5 M2
  • Package contains: 12 Sheets 
  • Sheet size: 750 x 500 MM
  • Thickness: 2,3 MM

Standartplast STP Black Aero Audio Deadening Adhesive

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