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The Audison Prima Forza APF8.9 bit amplifier is the upgraded, high-power version of the AP8.9 bit amplifier.  The APF8.9 bit Forza is an8 channel amplifier that has a built in digital signal processor (DSP) that puts out 85 watts per channel RMS at 4 ohms.  The power output of this amplifier is incredible.  The 8 channel amplifier configuration allows you to power 2 sets of 2-way components and actively cross them over, a set of 3-way components up front with coaxials in the rear, 3-way components up front and a subwoofer, 6 total coaxial speakers and a subwoofer, or 8 coaxial speakers.  The DSP allows you full control over your vehicle's sound system.  The digital processor that is built into this amplifier allows you to plug a laptop into the amp, and you can tune each speaker independently with full equalization and time delay.  This allows you to dial in each speaker individually so that you can have it play the frequencies it was designed for, at the level that sounds correct to you.  The DSP flattens the input signal from the radio, removing any built-in equalization.  Once the input signal is flat, you use the software to configure your front speakers, configure your rear speakers, and then tell the software the subwoofer setup you have, and configure it.  Then, speaker by speaker, you can adjust the frequencies and the amplifier gain for each channel independently.  This allows you to set your front dash speakers to play just the frequencies you want them to, at the level you want them at.  Same thing with your rear speakers.  Same thing with your subwoofer.  You have full control.  Think of a DSP as the soundboard at a concert.  You are the sound man and you get to tune your stereo so that it sounds exactly the way you want it to.  When you go see good live musicians in small, intimate venues, the reason it sounds so good is because DSP's are involved.  


If you want to have dash speakers, or center channel speaker, a pair of front speakers, a pair of rear speakers, and a subwoofer, this is the amplifier for you.  The DSP will allow you to dial in each speaker individually so that you have the ultimate sound stage and audio experience in your vehicle.


Now let's get to the power aspect of this amplifier.  The Audison AP8.9 bit amplifier is rated at an insane, 85W x 8 at 4 ohms, 130W x 8 at 2 ohms, and 260 watts at 4 ohms bridged.  Not only is that plenty of power for most sets of speakers on the market, because of the built-in DSP, you can adjust the gain on the amp for those front speakers, +/- 12dB.  Also, if you are actively crossing them over, you are selecting the level at each frequency, allowing you to completely dial in each component of your audio systm.  If you are going to use this to power a subwoofer, you will want to bridge channels 7 & 8 so that they put out 260 watts at 4 ohms.  This amount of power will still give you plenty of bass if you select the correct subwoofer for it.  The Audison Prima 8" and 10" low profile subwoofers are perfect for this amp.  They are compact, efficient, and accurate!   The other option is to use the RCA pre-out on the amplifier to connect to a separate monoblock amp, and have that amp power the subwoofer.  The DSP will still control that output, you will just want to make sure that you are not using any of the built in signal processing on the mono amp.


If you are concerned about setting everything up, Audison offers a full tutorial on their YouTube channel and we can help guide you through it.  We can show you settings that have worked for other vehicles so that you have a good benchmark as to where you start.


Audison Prima Bit Forza 680W 8 Ch. Amplifier with 9 Ch. DSP

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