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The Audison Voce, AV5.1k 5 channel amplifier delivers an insane, 1650 watts of RMS power. This amplifer puts out 75 watts to 2 channels, up to 250 watts to the other two channels at 2 ohms (140 watts at 4 Ohms), and 1000 watts to the subwoofer. If you are looking to drive high end speakers and a subwoofer with a single amplifier, the Audison AV5.1k simply out powers the other amplifiers available. It isn't cheap, but you are also getting more from the amplifier.


Another popular application for the AV5.1k is if you are using a DSP. You can use this amplifier to bi-amp your front speakers when using an active crossovers and send 75 watts to the tweeters and 140 watts to the woofer. You then have up to 1000 watts at 2 ohms for some hard hitting bass. If you are an audiophile and want the best possible setup to either run some high end components and subwoofer, or 4 speakers and a subwoofer, the Audison Voce AV5.1k is in a class by itself.

Audison AV5.1k Voce 1650 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier

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